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Achieve Your True Wellness Potential

Dr Kasenene is one of the most influential wellness doctors. His simple but informative style will inspire you to be well and stay well

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“No one deliberately chooses to be sick. What we do choose though, is the food we put in our mouths and our general lifestyle. Eventually, whether we know it or not, the consequences of these choices lead either to wellness or illness.”

- Dr. Paul Kasenene


Read the book – Eat Your Way to Wellness

Finally, an end to the food confusion. A simple, practical and common-sense book that not only guides you on what to eat but also explains why.

In his book, Eat Your Way to Wellness, Dr Kasenene lays out Seven Proven Principles to being healthy, feeling vibrant, and enjoying your ideal weight without you feeling that you have to be an expert in nutrition.

This easy-to-understand book will provide you with the knowledge to empower your food choices as well as simple and practical strategies to integrate healthy eating into your life, your family, and your home. 

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The Fresh Health Podcast


This new weekly podcast brings to you thought-provoking discussions that aim to promote a fresh approach to health and wellness. With a focus on Food – Renewal – Exercise – Sleep – Health conditions, this podcast will seek to provide answers to common questions as well as offer an upbeat way forward for the most urgent and worrying challenges of our time.

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We’ve got lots of free and informative resources available for you. You can read our latest health articles, take any of our assessments, watch videos, get answers to commonly asked questions or even get some amazing food recipes.


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Your health age could be higher than your calendar age. Take our free assessment and find out the age of the body you’re living in. It’s the first necessary step to provide you with information about yourself and help you to make informed decisions about your wellbeing. You’ll also be able to get personalized recommendations about steps you can take to stay healthy and well.

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Customized health screening

We all know the importance of health screenings. We all have heard the age old saying – Prevention is better than cure. However, for various reasons many of us have not had that much needed checkup. We would like to help.

First, find out what tests and screenings you need.


Second, schedule to have them done at the comfort of your home, office or even at our centre. 

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"We must not forget that money cannot buy health. There are no spare parts for our bodies. We should therefore, never sacrifice our health for wealth or pleasure."

Dr. Paul Kasenene


Dr. Kasenene speaks to all kinds of audiences in an effort to inspire people to lead healthier lives. His use of simple language, transformational stories and personal testimonies make his talks very engaging and impactful. Book him to talk to your family, your employees or at any other event you feel necessary. He is available to give talks online or physically

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Dr Kasenene and all the doctors, nutritionists and wellness practitioners at our practice specializes in helping people lose weight and improve their health through superior nutrition and lifestyle changes.


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