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Dr. Kasenene works with individuals, groups and organisations to create a culture and lifestyle of wellness. He is a trusted voice in the field of health and wellness and can add value to your goals and objectives.

Whether you want to book him to speak at your event or to collaborate with his well-known wellness brand, there are many ways to work together. (4).png
A bit about Dr. Kasenene

Dr. Paul Kasenene is a qualified medical doctor specialising in Nutritional, Functional and Lifestyle Medicine. He is also a Nutrition educator and professional Speaker on Health, Lifestyle and Wellbeing.


He is on a mission to create a wellness revolution where everyone can live a long and healthy life full of energy, vitality and free of disease. Through refreshing and interactive keynotes, workshops, trainings, retreats and team building experiences, Dr Kasenene energizes, engages and empowers people and teams across a wide range of industries to adopt a culture and lifestyle of healthy living.  For the last 12 years he has spoken to over 10,000 people about the power of natural and nutritional medicine in supporting the body (physically, mentally and spiritually) to be well, lose weight and heal itself of illness and disease.


From 2009, Dr. Kasenene himself experienced a personal health transformation which included the loss of 15kg of his weight in a short period of time and reversing many of his health challenges. This experience together with additional training he received in lifestyle medicine, advanced nutritarian studies and functional medicine, honed his interest in wellness and revolutionized the way he views food, disease and weight.


He now helps people achieve true health, their ideal weight and reverse chronic disease using simple but effective nutritional and natural methods. His clients have gone on to achieve great health and share amazing testimonies thanks to the strategies he teaches and the methods he uses.


He is an author and has written a book Eat Your Way to Wellness that can help anyone seeking to transform their health and weight through healthy eating. He will make your event a memorable one.

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