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"We must not forget that money cannot buy health. There are no spare parts for our bodies. We should therefore, never sacrifice our health for wealth or pleasure."

- Dr. Paul Kasenene

Dr. Kasenene’s enlightening talks reveal the many ways food and healthy living can change your life. This knowledge will change your life forever. He endeavours to customise every speaking engagement to offer meaningful and relatable information for attendees.

More about Dr. Kasenene

For more than 8 years, Dr. Paul Kasenene has studied the science of healing and wellbeing. Dr. Kasenene has dedicated his career to studying how to activate the body’s natural healing capacity.

His own quest for better health led him to the study of the power of food to either contribute to our illness or to our wellness. He has also gone on to understand how the impact of other factors such as exercise, rest, sleep, stress, water and even factors such as gratitude and forgiveness can improve our overall wellness. Dr. Kasenene’s findings though backed by science, nature and even common logic sometimes seem controversial and even at loggerheads with what we have always been taught to be true or what is commonly pushed out to the public through various media outlets. As a medical doctor, Dr. Kasenene has incorporated evidence-based healing practices to help his patients find physical, emotional and even spiritual wellness without the need or with minimal need for pharmacological medications.  


A pioneer in providing integrative health that is focused on prevention, wellness and optimal health, Dr. Kasenene will, through stories from his own life, his scientific investigation and his personal practice as a medical doctor, inspire audiences of ordinary people, practitioners, patients or policy-makers to rethink their role in creating health and wellbeing.

Profile Summary

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