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A Healthier You, Every Day

Make being well easy, fun and a way of life

A great story begins with a great lifestyle

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Create your wellness story with the k lifestyle

live wellness with the K - Lifestyle.

- Do you want wellness to be fun and a way of life for you?

- Need help to make healthy living simple and practical?

- Want suggestions on what to eat, where to shop, when to exercise?

All this and more with the K-Lifestyle. Join Today!

Improve your energy, sleep, memory, mood, sex life and more

Join wellness challenges, find recipes & meal plans, and more

Reduce your risk for cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and more

Get support and resources to help you make being healthy a lifestyle

Read the eat your way to wellness book.

Download the lifestyle app to get started.

Become a member and experience the full K lifestyle.

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Spread it. Tell your friends and family about the lifestyle.


Download the K-lifestyle app

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Get it from

download the app
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Eat Your Way to Wellness with Dr Kasenene’s book

A must read for anyone truly interested in making eating healthy a lifestyle 3 important things you will learn;

  • The best times to eat

  • Tips to enjoy eating healthy food

  • Ideas around what to eat at different meals

Our AAA philosophy guides our K- lifestyle.

It’s all about achieving your goals and making wellness a way of life that lasts the test of time.

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How healthy you really are

What creates but also what takes away health and wellness

What you can actually do to achieve true wellness


We want YOU to understand that it is AWARENESS that stimulates

You must first be aware of:

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You must then act in order to achieve

We will inspire and engage you to take simple, practical and sustainable Action to achieve your goals.

Remember, You cannot ACHIEVE unless they take consistent ACTION towards your goals.

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Finally staying accountable helps you sustain the lifestyle

We help YOU stay connected to a like-minded community of people to stay committed, focused and engaged.


Accountability is the Key that helps YOU stay motivated and committed to a healthy lifestyle.


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The K – Lifestyle

A Healthier You, Every Day

how it works.

Simply download the app and start your journey towards extraordinary wellness

To make it even more meaningful we recommend the following:

Take our FREE online wellness assessments

Take on wellness challenges to help you get to your goals faster

Get a health screening

Enjoy the results that we will help you keep for a lifetime

Schedule a wellness consultation

Get a customised plan from one of our wellness coaches/practitioners

Connect with other members in the lifestyle for support and extra fun

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Join the wellness lifestyle today!

Get a sample of what the K-Lifestyle is all about. Download the app for FREE today.

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