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With over 10 years experience in the health and wellness industry we have grown to provide personalized and innovative wellness services and products to keep our clients motivated and inspired along the way with our commitment to a single goal – helping people improve their health & wellbeing.

Our wellness and medical clinic is the leading integrative medical practice in Uganda. Founded by Dr Paul Kasenene, a certified functional medicine doctor and a recognized expert on nutritional and lifestyle medicine, our clinic is a place where true healing, disease reversal, weight loss and many chronic health problems can be addressed using mainly nutritional and natural methods.


That’s why we don't believe in using drugs and medicines as a first line approach to health, but rather using nutritional, functional and lifestyle medicine approaches for the treatment, reversal and prevention of disease as well as to meet all your health, nutrition, weight and wellness needs.

This approach has brought much success. Over the years, we have helped many of our clients recover from chronic medical issues, as well as achieve dramatic and sustainable weight loss. We wish the same for you too.

We know that everyone wants to be well. No one wants to be sick and then have their symptoms well controlled for life on more and more drugs.

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Step into Wellness​​

We don’t deliberately choose to be sick or to suffer from fatigue, weight gain or other health issues. What we can deliberately do is make choices that we maintain or restore our wellness. 

The Wellness clinic is committed to give you and your loved ones the opportunity to get well, be well and stay well using a nutrition, lifestyle and functional medicine approach that we have refined over the last 10 years of helping thousands of people.

We invite you to take a step into a new way of life where you will achieve the wellness you desire and live a long, happy and vibrant life. 

It’s possible and it starts with You.

Welcome to the Wellness Revolution

Why Us?

We believe that everyone can achieve true wellness.

We also believe that….

  • The potential of the human being and the human body is unlimited

  • True wellness is holistic – Body, Mind and Spirit

  • All disease is preventable and potentially reversible

  • Food is powerful medicine

  • Holistic living, nature, and integrative therapies are key to your wellness

Over the last 10 years, we have come to realise that people would rather be well than be unwell with the best medical care. We have witnessed firsthand the power of understanding why people become unwell and then focusing on educating our patients who are well about how to prevent disease and stay well and helping our patients who are unwell understand why they are unwell, what caused the problem and then focusing restoring wellness using a nutrition and natural approach first rather than simply treating symptoms and disease. With this approach we have had phenomenal success. 

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The Wellness Clinic is therefore built on 5 principles​​

Optimize wellness and prevent disease.

While perfect health isn’t always possible, we believe that no one should get sick unnecessarily.  Those who are well should stay well, get healthier and age gracefully.


Identify and manage the cause of the problem rather than merely treat symptoms and disease.

When unwell, seek first to understand the cause of the problem. Then address the problem by first enhancing the body’s amazing natural healing capacity. 


A nutrition, lifestyle, integrative and functional medicine approach first.

Food is not just for energy and nutrition. Food is the most powerful medicine we know of. We must use food as our first medicine together with a lifestyle and integrative approach to care. We don’t believe that medicine is bad. It can be useful but it must not be used unnecessarily or as a first approach.


What is functional medicine?


A personalized approach to care.

Everyone is different. You have a unique genetic makeup, a unique lifestyle and live in a unique environment. This means the way each person responds to food, lifestyle and even medicine is different. We take that into account to ensure that what you are getting from us is what is best for you. 


A patient centered approach

Our patient centered approach is unique. We start and end with you. It is about a client -therapist partnership where we work together to achieve the client’s goals, not the care givers goals. It recognizes people’s unique challenges and obstacles and helps to address them in a wholistic and realistic way.

our fresh focus.


We are what we eat. The food we eat makes up all our cells, tissues, and organs. That is why what we put in our mouth not only prevents disease but determines how we look and feel. 


We also believe that food while food can be the leading cause of disease, it can also be the most powerful medicine, helping us to remain healthy or to heal from disease. We focus on educating our clients on the 7 principles that will lead anyone to optimal health and their ideal weight.


Our clinic offers nutrition services ranging from nutrition consultations, to meal plan preparation, to healthy cooking demonstrations and much more

Fresh Vegetables


We can detect disease early before it becomes a problem or while it is still easier to manage and reverse. But with our advanced screening, we can now identify risk factors that CAUSE many diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many others, way before any disease process sets in saving you years of medication, suffering, and unnecessary medical costs. 

A health screening should no longer be seen as something to consider. It should be a mandatory part of your health and wellness plans and programs if you want to live longer and better.


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You cannot stay healthy or enjoy optimum wellness if you don’t take time to renew yourself. Renewal can be for the body, mind and spirit. We need to nourish and energise but then we also need time to renew.

Key areas of renewal are getting enough rest, quiet time and meditation, occasional fasting, antioxidant therapies and even supporting the body to detoxify. All these are integrated into our care and treatment plans. 

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Energy Balance

As much as we are physical beings, we are energy beings too. All our cells are made of small tiny energy units called atoms. That means we are energy. Understanding the impact of different types of energy on our body as well as learning to optimize our energy systems through simple things like deep breathing, drinking pure energized water, spending time outdoors, or walking barefoot is essential to lasting wellness.

At our clinic, you can also learn about trivortex technology that is helping to restore and balance the natural energy and rhythms in our food, bodies, environments, and especially our water

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We believe that focus should be on healing the body, mind or spirit not treating diseases with medicine. The body, aided by the mind and the spirit for a formidable partnership that when supported can lead to true healing even for the diseases that have historically been termed chronic, degenerative or terminal.

Learn how to optimize your body’s healing mechanism using food, lifestyle, holistic medicine and even the often overlooked but powerful practices of gratitude, forgiveness and love.

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