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Wellness assessment

If you’re ready to achieve sustainable weight loss, get healthy, prevent and reverse chronic diseases, and plan for a long healthy life ahead, we are ready to help you.


Our assessments provide you an opportunity to understand where you are and what steps are best for YOU.

Wellness assessment

Have a more focused approach to your wellness.


Take our Free wellness assessment today and get personalised recommendations to improve your overall wellness.


Supplement assessment

Do you need some nutritional supplements to complement your eating lifestyle?


In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need nutritional supplements. But, in our world filled with stress, pollution and diets that aren’t always the healthiest, many of us may develop some nutritional insufficiencies. Everyone is different and has different needs.


Take our Free assessment to discover what nutrients may be most beneficial for you at your age and considering your unique lifestyle, family history and environment.

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Health screening assessment

We’ve created a simple assessment that will help us come up with the best possible health screening plan for you based on your unique health, age and lifestyle.


Health screenings help to show you how healthy you really are, identify high risk areas, help detect problems early when they are easier to manage and if you go as far as a personalized genetic test, will even show you what food, nutrients and lifestyle interventions are best for your unique genes.

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