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Dr. Kasenene’s Extraordinary Wellness Podcast

A Fresh Approach to Wellness

Food & Fitness – Renewal – Energy Balance – Self Mastery – Healing

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Dr. Kasenene has been a champion to the wellness revolution that is spreading globally. His approach to wellness offers a Fresh perspective to wellness, one that inspires people to take charge of their own wellness through simple and effective lifestyle measures.

With his passion for healthy food, his belief that the body can heal itself and be well and his training in functional medicine, tuning into this weekly podcast will empower listeners to take charge of their wellness destiny with a focus on.

He will share his own personal stories, discuss controversial and confusing subjects, answer your questions and invite experts to offer insightful and actionable advice.

With the theme “A Fresh Approach to Health and Wellness”, Dr. Kasenene will entertain, educate and empower — unlocking years of experience in helping create wellness for thousands of people all over the world.

If you have a question you would like Dr. Kasenene to answer, use the form below or email him at or ask on twitter using the hashtag #AskDrKasenene

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