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Do you know the seven principles for a healthy diet?

Eating a healthy diet doesn’t have to involve strict rules and regulations. It should be simple, easy to apply and make common sense.

I believe that all you need to know are these seven principles. Once you understand them and apply them to your diet, you will realise that healthy eating is not as complicated as many people think.

I framed these seven principles to make it easy for all of us to know what to do in every situation.They were developed using knowledge and experience gained from many years of studying literature on health and nutrition and helping people achieve better health using food. 

With all the positive results I have seen in myself and my patients, and with all the amazing testimonies and expressions of gratitude I have heard, I don’t just believe that the principles work. I know they do. 

Here they are.

The 90:10 healthy-eating principles Principle 1: A minimum of 90% of the calories in your diet must come from plant-based sources, and a maximum of 10% from animal-based foods.

Principle 2: Eat plant-based foods a minimum of 90% of the time and restrict animal foods to a maximum of 10% of the time.

Principle 3: A minimum of 90% of the food you eat should be real food (whole, natural, fresh, organic) and only up to 10% should be from other food sources. The variety principle Principle 4: The food you eat should come from a wide variety of different food types and include an assortment of colours. The 50:50 healthy-eating principle Principle 5: At least 50% of your food should be comprised of non-starchy vegetables and fruit. Other food groups, including grains, starchy vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and animal foods, should collectively make up the other 50%.

Principle 6: At least 50% of all the food you eat should be uncooked or raw. Principle 7: There should be a minimum twelve-hour uninterrupted fasting period each day (at least 50% of any twenty-four-hour day during which no food is eaten; for example, no food from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.)

I’m sure you can see how simple they are. But perhaps you want to understand the basis for these 7 principles and better still how to apply them. I go into more detail about them and how you can integrate them into your diet in Chapter 6 of my book Eat Your Way to Wellness. 

For those that have a copy, thanks for getting one. I pray it will be a useful guide on your journey to wellness. If you haven’t yet picked up a copy, you can get one from our clinic, from Aristoc bookshop or you can purchase one from our online store (for Ugandan residents) at or from all amazon websites (for international clients). You can also read more about the book on my website or 

It will soon be available as an ebook on Kindle and as an audiobook on audible. We will let you know as soon as those formats are available. 

Remember, you are what you eat. Take time and always think before you put anything in your mouth. It’s really up to you to eat your way to wellness.

Wishing you health and happiness.

Dr. Paul Kasenene

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