• Dr. Paul Kasenene

A healthy diet saved my life and could save yours too.

We all know the importance of eating a healthy diet. But, it is when your life has been threatened that you probably appreciate this best.

I’ve seen many people literally have their life spared by making a concious choice to eat better. Sometimes, these changes have been as a result of a life threatening health issue. Whatever the reason, I believe we can all learn from others experiences. 

Take a moment and read this testimony from one of my clients. It is so powerful it is the first in my book Eat Your Way To Wellness. If you haven’t ordered your copy today. Visit www.eatyourwellness.org. The book is based on seven principles, not rules that we can all apply to our life for better health and also to maintain an ideal weight.

Be inspired.

When I walked into Dr Kasenene’s office, I wasn’t sure how long I was going to live. I’d barely made it, experiencing chest discomfort and light-headedness as I sat in my car, stuck in a traffic jam a few minutes from his office in Bugolobi, telling myself that if I made it, I would change my life forever. My health was in a very bad place. Someone at the clinic used the term “morbidly obese”; my weight was 119 kilograms, my BMI 40.2. My blood pressure was 172/101 (mmHg), and my blood sugar 14.2 (mmol/l). My cholesterol was very bad, and I had “the body of a seventy-three-year-old.” 

I was thirty-six.

After advising me on stabilising my symptoms, Dr Kasenene explained the most likely cause of my problems and told me the best way to get better was to handle the cause, not just treat the problem. But I wasn’t prepared for what he suggested next. 

He asked me to completely change my diet for six weeks. No sugar or soda. No foods like the bread and chapati I ate daily. No milk products. No red meat. No ordinary cooking oil. No coffee, no beer. 

He then asked me to eat a lot of fruits and greens, more sauce made from plants, like peas and beans, and many other foods. In the first week, I was asked not to eat anything cooked and to drink green and red vegetable juices. 

He promised me it would only be six weeks. He also advised me to exercise more and drink more water. He asked me to do deep breathing, which I had never heard of. 

This journey wasn’t easy, but after six weeks I was a totally different person. My chest no longer hurt, and my breathing was better. I felt lighter, no longer worried about dying. My weight had dropped to 107 kilograms. My blood pressure was 139/88, and my fasting blood sugar was 5.8. Three months later, my weight was at ninety-two kilograms.

My life was back. Even my cholesterol was much better. 

This experience taught me two things. First, many of us don’t know how bad what you eat is, and, second, eating healthy food is not as hard as we think.  I honestly want to thank Dr Kasenene and his whole team at Wellcare for all the support they have given me. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the way I lived before. I have asked everyone I know who needs help to go to Wellcare and see Dr Kasenene before thinking about other treatments. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m forever grateful.


I hope you found this inspirational. I truly hope you can have an even more inspiring testimony. There are many more of these in my book, Eat Your Way to Wellness.

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