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stories of transformation.

Be inspired by the stories people are telling about their weight and wellness journey and about how Dr Kasenene has transformed their lives

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weight loss stories.

On 15 February 2016 while weighing 88.5 kgs, a body age of 59yrs and obese I was ushered into Dr Kasenene office by Byron Kiganda. He smiled at me and gave me what he called good news. He assured me of 3 things 


1. I am going to lose weight if I follow the plan. Discipline is key.

2. I will look different, healthy and full of energy.

3. I will change my wardrobe 


IT sounded like a rehearsed speech. On 17 February 2016 I began the journey. Visiting Wellcare that Monday morning after trying everything was the turning point. I have since lost 18.5 kgs. I have learnt that weight loss is much more than dieting and or exercising. You need both. I have learnt that food has power and I am glad that I have an amazing team of professionals at Wellcare to help me along my health journey. I look forward every day to seeing how I look in the mirror. Thank you Dr Kasenene and your fabulous team, particularly Byron Kiganda.



Weight loss testimony anchor

As I graduate from this ‘’university’’ I would like to thank the entire Wellcare team for helping me achieve this life-changing weight and health transformation. After trying and failing for over 15 years,


I am forever grateful that in only 8 months you have helped me lose and keep off the weight naturally.

My weight loss and health goals have been achieved and after losing 30kgs, I am done and happy. If you are in the place and you are in safe professional hands and if you stay committed to the program and don’t give up, you will surely reach whatever goal you have sent out to achieve with Wellcare.


Special thanks to Dr. Paul Kasenene of Wellcare Health and Wellness Centre and to Fr. Raymond of Theresa House who recommended him to me.


Dr. Kasenene started me on the weight loss program in April 2017. When I started, I weighed 88kg and today I weigh 61kg meaning that I have been able to shed off 27kg  in just 4 months.


My life is so much better. I have never felt happier before. But why I am so grateful is that I had tried so many times to lose this weight and failed. This program works and I am living evidence to that. Thank you so much Wellcare, may God bless you to continue blessing others.




I stopped taking sugar and I did some exercises, but I lost only 2kg the whole year.

I was determined to lose weight and in January 2020,I made a resolution that I needed to get help after failing to do it on my own. I was now ready to go to Dr kasenene wellness clinic in march 2020. Before I could go, my brother forwarded to me the group weight loss program advert on what's up, towards the end of February 2020, which just coincided with my interest,as he knew what I was planning to do.

On 29th February 2020, we had a talk with Dr kasenene & measurements as it was the weekend we started on the journey to weight loss. We were told we would change wardrobes at the end but I couldn't believe it.
The Covid-19 lockdown came just after one month of the program. I got enough time to exercise, which was hard earlier with a busier work schedule. The group program was a blessing because we would challenge each other in the whatsapp group & also share good recipes for vegetables & juice that tastes better.

After three & half months,I lost 22.7kg (From 99.7kg to 77.0kg). Not only have I changed my wardrobe, but even the shoe size is also smaller than before. I would like to thank Jackie at wellcare, that supported the group even through the lockdown period. What I learnt that I will never forget is that you have to balance healthy eating & exercise to achieve results. And you have to be disciplined to achieve your goals.

These lessons will carry me through the remaining months of 2020 to achieve my Target weight.


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Weight loss gallery - Be Inspired

Other testimonies
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other weight stories.


I was referred to Dr. Kasenene by his father who told me he could help me. I was sceptical when he told me he could help me lose 10kg in 6 weeks but I was so determined that I followed his program religiously. When his team measured me after 2 weeks I had lost over 4kg. I couldn’t believe it. But for sure it was working because prior to starting, I only had 1 suit that could still fit me from so many in my wardrobe and that was my turning point. When I went for my next measurement after 5 weeks and a few days I had lost a total of 10.23kg. It was so unbelievable. I even took a moment to encourage other new clients who were at his clinic. At that visit, believe it or not, even the suits that I was looking forward to wearing were now too big for me. All I can say is if you follow what they advise, it will work very well. For once I can appreciate the benefits of eating healthy because I can see and feel the results and I just want to stay this way. I now finally believe I have found the solution. Thanks, Wellcare.

Nelson. B



I joined the Wellcare 12 week weight loss program with a weight of 102kg and Blood Pressure 140/89. My objective was to cut 25kg in and lead a healthier life. By week 5, I had already lost 9.5kg which was a great achievement for me. The biggest achievement was that I feel lighter & more flexible and now have the confidence in knowing and choosing healthier foods which I thought was not possible.

It's achieved with a positive attitude/mind and ability to adapt to change so as to achieve personal set objectives. I have made this commitment to follow the program and look forward to achieving my set weight loss.

Richard A.K Guma


I have so far lost 10kgs on the weight loss and healthy living program in 2 months, I feel so energised by the day. Thanks for the support. I will achieve the target of losing up to 20kgs by the end of the year. I strongly recommend this to people who want a healthy solution to weight loss. It is absolutely doable and amazing.

Rebecca Amoding



Wellcare Uganda thank you for getting me on this healthy journey, I am really happy and very grateful. I want to thank Rebecca who has been very helpful on this journey and she is a very good encouraging lady.  From overweight to normal body weight I feel really good. The journey continues forever. Thank you.

Solome B. Ndikutanga


This has been a life changing process for me in terms of will power, determination and relationship with food. I am now able to look at unhealthy food and tell myself that I can make better choices for my body. The first week was tough but I was determined to go on.

I feel lighter and stronger. I have gone a few dress sizes down and some of my favourite clothes fit again. That includes my favourite pair of jeans. Yay!! When I started, I weighed in at 95.8kgs. Seven weeks later I was 88.8kgs. It is possible! I absolutely recommend this program.

Eunice K.

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