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Dr Kasenene saved my life. I had uncontrollable blood sugar levels despite medication and using insulin. I was told I would soon need dialysis. His nutrition intervention was unbelievable. I now have normal sugar levels and I'm off all medication. A big thank you to him and his caring team.

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In the book Eat Your Way to Wellness, Dr. Kasenene lays out a revolutionary way of thinking about food. We share 7 must know principles that will inspire you to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding about what you eat.

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With short and informative videos, Dr Kasenene will help you understand the best ways to lead a healthy lifestyle. We answer common questions, discuss areas of confusion and break down nutritional and scientific concepts into easy-to-understand messages that everyone can grasp and apply.

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Dr. Kasenene tropical smoothie

Tropical tonic smoothie

Dr. Kasenene lettuce apple recipe

Lettuce and apple salad

Dr. Kasenene grilled tilapia recipe

Grilled tilapia fish

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