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Finally, an end to the food confusion.

A simple, practical and common-sense book that not only guides you on what to eat but also explains why.

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Functional Medicine

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Dr. Kasenene - Specialising in Nutritional, Lifestyle and Functional Medicine

Dr. Kasenene believes that we all deserve a life of vitality—and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves.


He has an even stronger belief that natural medicine can support your body (physically, mentally and spiritually) to be well and heal itself of illness and disease without the harsh side effects of drugs used by conventional medicine.


That’s why he is dedicated to inspiring wellness through Superior Nutrition and lifestyle medicine and...


tackling the root causes of chronic disease by harnessing the power of Functional Medicine to transform healthcare.

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Discover simple ways to learn about good nutrition and change your health forever.

Learn about the principles of a healthy diet and how you can incorporate superior nutrition into your home and life.


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Dr Kasenene saved my life. I had uncontrollable blood sugar levels despite medication and using insulin. I was told I would soon need dialysis. His nutrition intervention was unbelievable. I now have normal sugar levels and I'm off all medication. A big thank you to him and his caring team.

- J.M

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