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Join Dr. Kasenene for wellness enhancing activities

Discover the power and science of nutrition and healthy living through inspiring lectures, food demos, classes for different health conditions and other activities to heal your mind and body.

See how you can stay connected with podcasts, classes, events and the kick out childhood obesity campaign.


Join like-minded people as well as people who have a similar health conditions on a journey to get back or enhance your health.


Group classes such as fitness or morning breathing exercises are offered to start your day, in addition to other fun-filled activities.

Classes will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Check out the latest online events coming up with Dr. Kasenene.

Discover the joy and food, wellness and love through inspiring lectures, food demos, and other activities to inspire total wellness for the body, mind and soul.

We shall be announcing upcoming events soon. Stay tuned!

Child at the Doctor's Office

Kick Out Childhood Obesity


Our goal is to help every school and every parent learn how to support children to eat well and maintain a healthy weight.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the start of the program.

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