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Your Next Steps on your wellness and healing journey

What do I do next?

Use a copy of the food list you may have been provided with to plan for your shopping. It is important to have the correct foods available in order to succeed.


Try and buy fresh produce and fresh food. If possible, seek out organic food (or specifically food that has had limited or no exposure to conventional herbicides and pesticides)

  You can ask our team for some guidance in this area.

If you have other people in the home, who will be eating a different diet, please ask someone else (perhaps another adult) to buy those other food items that you will not be eating.



When you arrive home, let the people you know what you will be doing and ask for their support. Do not try to force or convince everyone to join you but encourage them to learn how to eat and live better



If you live alone, clear out your refrigerator and food store/pantry and get rid of all foods that will be a distraction or that may cause temptations. If you live with other people, create a space that is for your things and if possible, create a “healthy cabinet” that will be for the healthy food.


We recommend that you get yourself the following items to help you on your journey.

  A high-power blender/nutrient extractor to help you make health drinks and smoothies. We recommend one called a Nutribullet.

  A water bottle. This can help you improve the amount of water you drink

Read your food and prescription plan

It outlines what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. You do NOT need to count calories, weigh or measure your food. A suggested meal plan may have been given to you to follow.

Remember that your eating guide is meant to help you eat better and not necessarily less. We do not want you to feel hungry as you go through your eating plan. Eat always until you are satisfied or almost satisfied at each meal.


Do not leave any meal hungry. If at any time you feel hungry, feel free to eat provided you are eating with the guidance provided by your plan  Do not eat beyond satisfaction as this is not good for your body.



Learn to eat mindfully. This includes sitting down as you eat and chewing your food slowly. Avoid eating on the move, at your desk, while watching TV or while on your computer or your phone. Chewing the food slowly and mindfully always helps you to digest your food better and to avoid over eating

Nutritional Supplements and Medication

Nutritional supplements and herbal remedies may have been prescribed for you at your visit. Please note they are not pharmaceutical medicines. If a supplement has been prescribed, we encourage you to take it as they are meant to help you with your care and healing plan.



We endeavor to source the highest quality supplements. Although they do not usually cause side effects, occasionally, some people experience some side effects. If you do, please stop using the product and let us know.



Please do not stop or make any changes to any medications you are taking unless asked by a health professional. Note that sometimes it may be necessary to change or stop your medication as you continue your care with us. However only make changes to your medications or prescriptions after consulting a medical professional. Always let your primary care doctor know about any proposed or prescribed changes and get their consent. Let us know if you or they have any concerns before making any changes.

Follow up support

Please get in touch with our office any time you need help. Use the telephone lines provided below to get in touch with us. Note that you may not always have access to the doctor(s) on their mobile phone although they may be occasionally available to help you.



If you need urgent help please get in touch with our office. In case of a medical/health emergency always visit a medical facility.



We encourage our clients to learn how to prepare the meals for themselves and to learn how to find places that provide the food you will require to eat. If you need help with getting meals prepared and delivered to you, please ask our team.


We provide health juices and smoothies on order. Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you would like to order these drinks.


Please take note of your review date and plan in advance for it. 


For any other inquiries please contact our team on the following numbers

+256 701 450450 or +256 761 000450 – General clinic lines

We thank you for choosing Dr. Kasenene Wellness to help with your health and wellness needs. Please let us know if there is any way we can help you.

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