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the food lifestyle.

Food is a part of our traditions, celebrations, and daily lives.

But most important of all it can be our most powerful medicine.

Join us to learn how to make healthy food taste better than you’ve ever imagined while preventing disease, managing health conditions and achieving your perfect weight.

Healthy treats such as ice cream, burgers, ketchup, cookies and more. 

- Dr. Kasenene

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Healthy food is tastier than most people think. 


Learn how to prepare simple nutritious meals using our range of recipes.

Chicken Salad

Healthy cooking

Learn how to prepare healthy great tasting food for you and your family. Watch some of our cooking videos, use some of our recipes or join one of our cooking classes.


We offer healthy cooking classes for everyone including children, men and the people who help us at home.

Cutting Lime

Meal plans

Feeling frustrated from not knowing what to eat at each meal? Or just want to get a simple meal plan you can work with daily? Worry not. We can now help you to develop a meal plan customized to your unique needs.

We will consider your age, gender, food allergies, food interests, weight goals and health conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol


Order Healthy Food

No time to prepare healthy food?

On a health or weight loss plan and need some healthy food?

Need specific meals for your condition?

Just want to order some healthy food you can enjoy?

Mixed Greens
Meal plans
Order healthy food
Healthy cooking
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