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The Future of Personalised Health and Wellness is HERE

Not all general health recommendations work for everyone. I’m sure you know this or have experienced this. Now, You will know what is best for YOU based on your own unique genetic make up.

Decode your DNA to discover:

Optimal diet, fitness & supplementation plans

Health risks & personalized prevention strategies

Food sensitivities & nutrient deficiencies

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It all starts with a DNA test

Get the Kit and Take The DNA Test 

Get Your Results Interpreted

Personalized health plans based on your DNA test & lab results

Diet and nutrition

Comprehensive report



Your genes impact your likelihood of experiencing health conditions and can determine what works best for your body. Get to know yourself better than ever before and understand your health risks with 1000+ comprehensive reports.

LDL cholesterol

Latest result




DNA is only one important piece of your health story. Understand how your diet and lifestyle impact your health by taking assessments and analyzing your labs. Follow your personalized suggestions to get your levels in the optimal range & watch your health improve.

Suggested recommendations


With personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on your unique body, you’ll be able to create an action plan that is perfect for YOU. Experience the peace, energy and happiness that accompanies a healthy body and mind.

All the tools you need to reach optimal health in one place. 

All the tools you need to reach optimal health in one place.

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A personalized journey towards better health

Hi. It’s Dr Kasenene here. Let me help you navigate your way to better health with truly personalized recommendations based on a combination of your DNA, labs, and environmental factors.


Contact us to learn more about precision health testing. Let’s take the first step towards a healthier you, together.!

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A scientific approach that focuses on you

SelfDecode is the only company that provides you with a holistic set of accurate health recommendations based on your genes so that you can feel empowered with data-driven precision health decisions.

Together, we’ll capture your whole health story - your genetic blueprint, environmental impact and lab assessments -  to catapult healing.


Message us to find out how to get started.

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Experience precision health for yourself.

Get the SelfDecode DNA health test and understand what truly personalized health care is all about. Your body will be thanking you for many years to come.

Receive personalied insights about your:

🧠 Mental Health

🍲 Diet

💊 Supplement Regime

🏃‍♂️ Fitness

And so much more!


Rewrite your wellness story.


Contact us to find out how to order a DNA kit today.

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