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The Doctor K podcast is a place for deep discussions about the critical issues of wellness in our modern time.


Hosted by East Africa’s #1 Wellness Physician, Dr. Paul Kasenene, The Doctor K podcast offers a unique opportunity to engage with a wide audience that is interested and invested in improving their wellness.


Dr. Kasenene has been a beacon of light, leading and championing the cause of using food to be well and making healthier lifestyle choices to prevent, manage and reverse disease and dis-ease.


With a wide audience across the whole globe, engaging hundreds of thousands of people each day, Dr. Kasenene through the Doctor K podcast will offer you a platform to get your brand visibility, your product and services showcased and most important will give you the opportunity to show that you care about people’s wellness.


Starting in December 2023,

The Doctor K Podcast will bring twice weekly exciting sessions covering the most crucial subjects around wellness.

Dr Kasenene is the most trusted and highly regarded wellness doctor in Uganda and the region.

- Robert Kabushenga

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