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Samsung Ml 2240 Reset Simple Zipl

How to Reset Samsung ML-2240 Printer with a Simple Zip File

If you own a Samsung ML-2240 printer, you may have encountered a problem where the printer stops printing and displays a red light. This means that the printer has reached its page count limit and needs to be reset. Fortunately, there is a simple way to reset the printer using a zip file that you can download from the internet. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Download the zip file from one of these links: [6] or [7].

  • Extract the zip file and run the program called "fix_ML2240_v1.01.exe".

  • Connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable.

  • Turn off the printer and then turn it on again while holding the power button for about 15 seconds.

  • The program will detect the printer and show its firmware version. Click on "Update" to start the reset process.

  • Wait until the program shows "Done" and then close it.

  • Turn off the printer and then turn it on again normally.

  • The printer should now be reset and ready to print again.

This method works for Samsung ML-2240 printers with firmware versions 83, 93, 96, and 98. If you have a different firmware version, you may need to use a different program or method to reset your printer. You can check your firmware version by printing a test page from the printer menu.

Download File:

Resetting your printer will allow you to print more pages without replacing the toner cartridge. However, this may also affect the quality and performance of your printer. Therefore, it is recommended that you replace the toner cartridge when it is low or empty, and only use this method as a last resort.

For more information about resetting Samsung ML-2240 printers, you can watch this video: [1].


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