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Subtitle Bfg

After digging around and asking the original creator, Reid Kimball, I've obtained his blessing and all the source assets for the CC mod, including code and assets, and have started to do new ones, like subtitles for RoE and such. But the materials I have are between near complete to having issues.

subtitle bfg


I'm looking for programmers (C++) in order to finish the game's code and do extra QoL improvements, as well as English subtitles/transcriptors in order to transcribe all the remaining SFX. When the English transcription is complete we can start thinking on additional language (I'd be retaking Spanish).

I know it's kinda late to ask for this but could anyone possibly adjust the mod so that it works with Doom 3: BFG Edition? That would be greatly appreciated by many people (not only the deaf community). I speak English very well but subtitles would still be a nice quality of life adjustment to the game.

It seems odd, considering that the source code for D3 is under gpl, and source ports exist, that no one has bothered to port the ui over. Then again, subtitles have been missing in every possible version of doom 3, official or not, so maybe this is a case of laziness and/or not seeing it as a problem.

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