Workplace Wellness

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About our workplace wellness service

Regardless of whether you get your health care from Dr Kasenene/Wellcare or another organization, ensuring that your employees stay healthy and have access to good medical care is the key to maintaining a productive and happy workforce.


We, therefore, have developed a unique workplace wellness program that is designed to integrate health and wellness into your workplace and create an employee-friendly health environment.


We use a dual approach to health and wellness focusing on helping you manage the health of your workforce with an emphasis on 2 important areas;


  1. Supporting your employees to get healthy, stay healthy and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity and hypertension through implementation of wellness programs focused on adopting a healthy diet, being fit and active, managing weight, reducing stress, prevention of injuries and managing health problems with an additional emphasis of nutritional and natural methods.


     2. Working as a medical advisor to support your existing health insurance program or helping you to set up one if you don't already have one.

​Some of our workplace wellness services include;

  • Health and wellness talks

  • Workplace health screenings

  • Workplace fitness programs

  • Stress management services

  • Other wellness programs focussing on healthy eating, ergonomics

  • Conducting wellness days, weeks and fairs

  • Setting up a comprehensive workplace wellness program

  • Workplace health coaching

  • Creation of wellness policies and plans

  • Any other workplace wellness service you require



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Work Well - Live Well

Sign up for our Worksite Wellness Program and discover the difference we make.


Invite us to have a discussion with you to see how we can fit into your existing structure, budget and your needs.

We look forward to helping you achieve wellness at your company

Some of our clients

  • Barclays Bank Uganda

  • Uganda Revenue Authority

  • DFCU Bank Uganda

  • Ericsson Uganda

  • Bank of Uganda

  • Vivo Energy

  • Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited

  • Uganda Wildlife Authority

  • Electricity Regulatory Authority

  • Uganda Christian University Mukono

  • GIZ (German International Development)

  • Jubilee Insurance

  • AON Insurance

  • PWC

  • & Many more



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One of our goals is to remove the logistical barriers that prevent individuals and employees from getting fit and healthy by providing services directly to the worksite. Because most adults spend most of their time awake at work than anywhere else, workplaces are a prime venue and very crucial for promoting healthy employee lifestyles