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Clinic Appointment

Schedule your required service

Scheduling a clinic


To schedule an appointment at our wellness clinic, please call us to find a time that is convenient for you.


Online appointments, however, can be scheduled directly from our website.

Simply select the type of appointment you would like, select an available date and time from the calendar and that's it.

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Scheduling an online


Great News!


You no longer need to drive to our clinic or leave the comfort of your office, home or location to see the doctor. We now have an option to have an online consultation. 


Follow these 3 simple steps


1. Click the schedule online appointment button below and select a time and date of your convenience

2.  You will be contacted by our office to offer more details. Make a payment for the consultation in advance. 

3. The client will call in via skype at the appointed time. 


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Scheduling a health or wellness talk

Invite Dr. Kasenene to share and educate you and your colleagues or family on nutrition, wellness, disease prevention and more.


A presentation typically lasts 45 - 90 minutes including Q & A.


Topics presented can include any of the following.

1. Healthy eating and Nutrition

2. Stress management

3. How to lose weight with an effective program that will keep the weight off for life

4, Chronic disease prevention and reversal - Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease

5. Work life balance

6. General wellness and 7 principles of healthy living

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