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You can now schedule an online appointment with Dr. Paul Kasenene.


To have an online consultation, follow these steps.


1. Select the consultation type from the options below.

2. Select the date and time from the available options.

3. Enter your full name, email address and telephone number and then submit to confirm your appointment.

4. Follow the instructions to make the payment for the consultation in the confirmatory email that will be sent to you or pay immediately after confirming your appointment in the payments page that you will be redirected to. Please note that for clients in Uganda we charge in Uganda shillings (UGX). For all other clients (International) we charge in United States Dollars (USD).

5. Upon confirmation of receipt of payment, a link and passcode will be sent to you, to enable you to enter the online consultation at your selected time.

6. Join the online consultation at the selected time to have your consultation.

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