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Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food... - New International Version

This was the original instruction given by God, on the 6th day of the creation process. God created us primates and we need to eat like primates were designed to. It is from this simple instruction and a clearer scientific understanding of nutrition and food that the following healthy eating principle was developed

The 90:10 philosophy
A concept that guides the principles to Healthy Eating
90% of our diet should come from plants and 10% or less from animals

Human beings are primates. Primates consume the bulk of their diet from fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other plant-based foods. To be healthy this principle should be the foundation of any eating or diet plan.

90% of our diet should come from REAL food

Real food is food that is eaten in the way that nature intended it to be eaten. It is natural, fresh, whole and eaten without much change from the way it was grown or reared. Dead food is food that has been changed by man through processing, refining and curing with the use of machinery, chemicals, additives, preservatives, colouring, food enhancement. Real food is food that your grandmother would be able to recognise as something edible.

90% of our diet should be healthy 

90% of the of what enters your mouth MUST be healthy. However 10% or less of the time it is acceptable to eat foods that are less healthy but that may make your eating experience more pleasurable or meaningful. Food is to be enjoyed and eating is meant to be a time of joy and celebration and occasional enjoyment of a less healthy treat is acceptable.

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You don't have to EAT LESS

       You just have to EAT RIGHT

Eating is so essential to life, that after breathing, there is nothing else that comes more natural to us and yet so many people are confused about their feeding and their diets.


Every day we are faced with lots of choices to make about what we put into our mouth and bodies. Many of these choices can be difficult to make without having the right information. Right now there seems to be a never ending and even increasing flow of new nutritional information, programs and diets that are promoting their advantage over others.


I would like to help you understand how to navigate this barrage of information without feeling like you have to be an expert in nutrition and without being overwhelmed or shaken by a new fad diet or program that makes you feel like if you don’t follow it you are doomed.


You can learn to eat healthy, but you all you have to do is learn the principles that guide healthy eating and not necessarily follow specific rules or programs that sometimes make us feel like hostages.


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