“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

― Ann Wigmore.

Is it possible that our cooking methods and cookware are making us toixc and sick?

Discover 5 common aspects of food preparation that are destroying the nutrients in your food and making your food more toxic and how you can avoid them. 

Excess Heat

Many useful nutrients are destroyed by the large amount of heat we use when we cook.

The best food to eat should ideally be exposed to little heat or eaten uncooked (raw).

Lots of water

Using water when washing and boiling food removes many of the nutrients

Even steaming can be a challenge to nutrients

We must as much as possible find ways to minimize water when cooking

Cooking oil

We use salt when cooking to add flavour. But salt usage has been linked to high blood pressure and other diseases.

We now know that with some unique cookware, it is now possible to cooking without adding much salt and still retain the natural flavour of the food.

Oil and fat from artificial oils and cooking oils has been linked to heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer.


However because oil is an important part of food preparation, it is best to harness natural oils in the foods we want to eat so that we don’t have to add much additional oil

Is this really possible? Yes.

Toxic cookware

Did you know that aluminium and non stick pans and cookware are harmful to our brains, liver and other body systems and can even increase your risk for cancer?

Could your cookware be making you sick or worsening your memory?

Learn about healthier cookware today.

Good news! There is healthy cookware that can help you overcome all the above challenges and help you and your family eat healthier, lose weight and the best part is that, this cookware has a lifetime guaranty. Find out more below.


The cookware that will transform your family's health

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Imagine being able to 

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  • Save power as you cook

  • Never have to buy another set of cookware again

  • Prevent diabetes, cancer, heart disease, obesity and other chronic diseases as you eat great tasting food.


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“Food should be raw, just the way God intended it.”

― Carol Alt.

The best way to eat preserve all the beneficial nutrients in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds is to eat them raw.

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