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Welcome to the 2023 New Year 12 Day Wellness Challenge

Thank you for registering for the 12-day challenge. It’s going to be a transformative 12 days. 

Please continue reading this page for a few more important details on how this challenge will work.


The challenge commenced on Wednesday 18th January and is running for 12 days until Monday 30th January.

The challenge includes

  • A bit of intermittent fasting

  • Drinking health smoothies

  • Eating healthy food

  • Doing some exercises to improve muscle and core strength

  • Taking time for deep breathing 

We are also learning

  • To make time rest and get enough sleep

  • Strategies to detoxify the body

  • How fat burning works

  • And lot’s more

What are the next steps?


If you haven’t already done so, take a few minutes to watch our 12 day challenge video that explains what the challenge is about, how to take part and how to get the most out of it.


Get a pre-challenge health screening or body composition measurement to know where you are starting from.  Remember we hope to burn more fat and you could lose up to 12 pounds (about 5kg) in this time. You can do these on your own or at our clinic.


These are the tests you should aim to do


  • Weight

  • Waist circumference

  • Body fat percentage

  • Muscle percentage

  • Visceral fat

  • Body Age

  • Blood pressure 

  • Blood sugar


Support your body to detoxify better during this time by getting yourself some organic green matcha tea and any other supplement that you feel could help you cleanse, renew and burn more fat.

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Pre-order and have detox juices delivered to you during the challenge.


If you need this and any other support let us know by filling the form below.

Click here to get additional support





I would like to invite you to sign up for our 12-day challenge online community.


It’s an online community forum where you will get additional benefits and support that include 

  • Engaging and asking Dr Kasenene questions during a daily wellness hour and a pre and post challenge webinar reserved for this community,

  • You and all other participants being able to engage each other and the rest of the Dr Kasenene wellness team in one place

  • Have access to additional wellness tips to help you enhance your wellness

  • Daily recipe ideas for the 12-day challenge

  • Get lots of support, motivation and encouragement

Trust me it is worth it. 

But if you are thinking otherwise you need to ask yourself if 25,000 UGX (USD 7) isn’t a worthwhile investment in your health. Think of how easily we spend that money on things that don’t really matter.

To sign up to this community Click here


Even if you don’t sign up you can still take part. It’s just that there will be so much more support and engagement in the exclusive online community.


Stay Connected on social media


Stay connected on social media with all the other people taking part in the challenge. 

Join the conversation and invite more people to take part. Use these hashtags







I'm guessing you probably have friends, family, workmates and other people in your life who need a challenge and knowledge like this. 

Anyone from 15 years upwards can take part. Share this your family in whatever country or continent. And taking part is FREE.

Let’s work together to help as many people as we can. So let's not leave them behind. 


You can send them this link 


You can use this message:


I just signed up for Dr Kasenene’s New Year's 12 Day Wellness Challenge. You should do it with me! It’s going to help up get healthier, start a journey towards #extraordinary wellness and even help us lose some body fat. Let’s do this together and keep each other accountable. To learn more, visit

Extraordinary Wellness is closer than you think.


I look forward to having you on this challenge.

Dr Kasenene

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